My name is Wojciech and I’m glad you stopped by

In the second part of my life, I am now beginning to realize there is only one life – ONLY ONE. I'm looking inside myself more often, and I'm less obsessed with activities that bring pleasure. As a result, I'm also changing my habits.

My current project is to be more aware of single moments as my life unfolds.

I love investigating what has been written by wiser than me and how to apply that wisdom to my life and the people around me.

To be of assistance to other people I moved into coaching.

What I did

I'm an MBA graduate with 20 years of sales experience. I had my fair amount of successes and failures, quarters when I delivered my targets and times when I struggled with the kind of offerings I had in my sales basket.

Working in sales was fun until there came a moment when I realized it's time to something different. Since I already had a vast reservoir of knowledge in Psychology of Motivation from my University, I decided to use it better to benefit more people.

To complete that mission, I needed to complete a few learning programs:

  • Coaching Course with accreditation from European Mentoring and Coaching Council,

  • A yearly course in Psychological Assistance,

  • An eight weeks study in Motivational Interviewing,

  • A Habit Coach certification on Coach.me.

What I do

When I read how mindfulness helped Google employees to boost productivity and increase well-being, I was inspired.

It turns out mindfulness can add significant value to the topic of productivity. These benefits include better attention management with everyday tasks, a more relaxed response mechanism in challenging situations, and greater creativity. All these short-term phenomena are usually translated into the long-term well-being of busy professionals.

I am now in the process of merging mindfulness benefits with a more effective performance.

To better understand the concept, I completed 1,5-year studies in Mindfulness and Compassion. This year, I hope to graduate from the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course accredited with Oxford Mindfulness Center.

What we can do together

I run my coaching sessions on zoom or in a chat-based model on Coach.me. It is also possible to work in a hybrid model - have a regular chat on Coach.me and use zoom to discuss the progress in more depth.

A code for a free week on Coach.me is here: WOJCIECHJURAWEEK, and if you have any questions, please contact me using the form below.


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Contact Me

If you have a question email me at wojciechjura@gmail.com

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